Hello and welcome to my little reading blog! Here, I hope to share my journey as a bookoholic with like-minded folks.

I’ve loved books and their world since I was a kid. I was nine years old when I discovered the school library, which became a haven for my bored soul during recess time and after school. I practically stuffed myself with all the fiction I could find in the library, and occasionally at the bookstore, when my parents could afford to give me a treat.

Today, I read almost anything that looks vaguely interesting, but my favourites are fantasy, thrillers, horror, biographies and any non-fiction that offers to quench my curiosity. I like to share good books with people, but I also don’t mind putting down a book that I simply cannot bring myself to finish. Too many books; too little time.

I live in Singapore with my husband and our little girl (yes, I share my thoughts on children’s books too!). Oh, I like to crochet too and if you’re wondering what I’ve created so far, check out my other blog: Crochet with Mrs Lam.


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