Howards End is on the Landing [A Review]

Howards End is on the Landing, by Susan Hill

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A friend discovered this book and liked it so much she bought one copy for me, knowing that I have an extreme weakness for books on the love of books.

And yes, I love this book!

Well, of course, there are some chapters that I like more than others, and this came at the perfect time, because I’m due for my year-end spring cleaning. Going through my bookshelves has always been a difficult task for me. They are literally exploding with books, but I just can’t bear to give any away!

I like the chapter on children’s books the best, because it reminds me of the tons of Enid Blyton I had devoured as a kid. Ah, nostalgia…

As for those that I didn’t really like, maybe the one that talked about books that somehow landed in Hill’s home without her knowing how they got there? Or maybe it’s the one that listed books that were definitely not her cup of tea? Hmmm… 

VERDICT: A must-read for anyone who has overflowing bookshelves like me, but remember to savour this (thin) book one chapter at a time.