Christine [A Review]

Christine by Stephen King

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This title is one of the very few Stephen King ones that I’ve not read before. I think it’s because I tried it when I was a young teenager, and I didn’t like the first chapter. Yes I know, the story happened to Arnie and Dennis, who were teenagers themselves. But I think I couldn’t understand some of the slang and references to car parts then. With the recent hype about “IT” on the silver screen, I decided to try this again.

Well, I think this is not one of my favourites. It felt like watching a super old horror movie with limited and weak special effects, and it wasn’t scary at all. 

This book probably also reinforces a phrase that I must have read somewhere before: There’s a time for every book. 

Somehow, both my times with “Christine” were not right.

VERDICT: It feels odd to give a verdict for such an old book. I can only say it reads like a conventional Stephen King work, except that it didn’t scare me as much.