The Stormlight Archive Book #1 and #2 [A Review]

The Way of Kings (Book 1), Words of Radiance (Book 2) 

The Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson

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This took a while because both books are huge volumes with more than a thousand pages each, and I was reading a couple of other books at the same time.

I had held off getting into this series for the longest time, until I saw the announcement that the third book is coming out end of this year. I mean, these are humongous volumes, and I don’t really relish the possibility that I will need to go through them again when the new book is out.

Being a Brandon Sanderson epic saga series, it does not disappoint. The pace is fast, the plot intriguing, and the characters likable. Plus, unlike other mega series like George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones (I really regret starting that one, because I cannot see myself getting it to the end, EVER, thanks to the author’s delay in getting the next books out), this series does not have too many characters, and so does not run the risk of confusing its readers after a while.

What’s interesting too is the fact that Sanderson writes about honor in a world that was betrayed by the very essence of it, and parts of that narration feels eerily close to what we see happening today.  

What irritates me though, is the fact that Sanderson tries to be so obscure and mysterious about the hidden powers behind what’s driving all the events that I get utterly lost at times.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that when the third book comes out at the end of the year, I still remember the characters and the plot well enough to enjoy it without wondering what’s going on.

VERDICT: If you don’t like long epic series that are not yet complete, stay away till the last book is out. 


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