Wax and Wayne [A Review]

The Alloy of Law, Sahdows of Self, The Bands of Mourning 

by Brandon Sanderson

brandon-sanderson-mistborn-4-alloy-of-law    brandon-sanderson-mistborn-5-shadows-of-self  brandon-sanderson-mistborn-6-bands-of-mourning

   [Image courtesy of brandonsanderson.com]


Oh my God – this is one really entertaining ride.

Sanderson is still at his best when he’s in his Mistborn world. This is a “sequel series” that’s a mix of Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones and Batman & Robin all thrown in, together with fantasy, science fiction and the Mistborn system that I liked so much.

Ironically, the story’s protagonist, Wax (his full first name is Waxillium – what kind of name is that?), is not my favourite character, despite him being a very “human” kind of hero who struggles with his weaknesses, emotions and inner ghosts. Instead, I really like his Robin-like (as in Batman’s Robin) sidekick, Wayne, and I think his Allomancy skill in the form of speed bubbles and his ability to study and imitate other people are really cool. Of course, Sanderson’s wry sense of humour through this character helped a lot. 

The other character that I like happens to be Wax’s very ordinary and ‘powerless’ fiancee, Steris. She is the embodiment of a boring accountant-like figure who’s really a closet thrill-seeker.

As with many of Sanderson’s creations, there are parts in the story that contain conversations with God (in this case Harmony – Sazed’s incarnation after the Final Empire saga) and he has managed to pull it off without sounding religious. 

The only grouse I have is probably the fact that the plot was a tad too complicated to follow, because I was flipping the pages like mad to keep up with the action and pace of the brilliant storytelling, and neglected to follow the mysteries behind the story closely enough.

VERDICT: This is one sequel that doesn’t disappoint, so if you like the first three Mistborn books, go for it. But do note that this is not really a trilogy because there is one more book before this second Mistborn era ends.


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