Covers make the book

Meet any serious reader and ask what she likes about a book. Her answer will inevitably be something about the content. Seldom will you get a response related to the design of the book’s cover, because no serious reader wants to be seen as being superficial (What? You mean you have nothing to say about the book’s content?).

Yet, more often than not, it is the cover that usually prompts me (and probably most people) to pick up a book to find out what it has to offer within its freshly minted pages. I’m human after all, and humans are known to be visual creatures, like it or not. An apt cover, whether because it is beautifully designed, eye-catching or simply representative of the book’s content, does not come by easily, and I salute the designers behind each great piece of art. Their work is one of the reasons why I still love physical books over digital ones.

Here are some book covers that I like. What are some of yours?

book covers - yellow-lighted bookshop book covers - colorless tsukuru tazaki book covers - ocean at the end of the lane

book covers - quiet   book covers - david and goliath  book covers - the solitude of prime numbers

book covers - the wonder box book covers - the bfg book covers - we're going on a bear hunt



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