Need some simple fun? Press here. [A Review]

Press Here by Herve Tullet

herve tullet - press here

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I ordered this from Book Depository and waited three weeks before it finally came in the mail (but then, what can I expect with good discounts and free shipping all the way from the UK?). It came at a time when my little one (I’m going to call her Little Lam from now on) was down with fever and a bad cough (a.k.a. grouchy-clingy-time) and I literally shredded the packaging to get to the one thing that I hadn’t exhausted in the house just to raise the spirits of both a sick child and a tired Mama. And it worked wonders.

It’s a picture book made up entirely of coloured dots and some instructions for the young reader on every page that make up some sort of interactive activity as part of the reading experience. It’s not a storybook, but because it’s such a simple book, I think it’s possible to make up some story along the way too if you’re reading it with your kid and have some creative juices to spare. Check you the book trailer here.

I had expected Little Lam to like the book but she actually loves it. Her smile widened with every page we turned, and she broke into laughter I hadn’t heard for a few days, somewhere in the book where we had to shake it to “mess up” the coloured dots. Another thing that I hadn’t expected was that she asked to read the book again and again and again and again and… well, you get the picture. I was expecting the novelty of it to wane after a few reads, but she still found it fun after we had gone through the pages for the umpteenth time. I ended up being the one who got bored and wanted to stop, and finally resorted to varying the “commentaries” and “instructions” in the book, which probably added to the “again” problem. 

It’s been a week since the book arrived, but Little Lam will still pull it out of her bookshelf now and then to request for a read, sometimes more than once in a day. 

VERDICT: If you’re looking to have some quality fun time with your kid, this is an excellent choice. It will probably work better with the younger kids for whom the novelty might last a while (Little Lam is two.). I’m not sure it’ll keep the attention of children (4 and above) after a few reads. Then again, you can always make up stories with your little ones throughout the book to keep the fun fresh. I think my SGD16 on this book was well-spent.


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